LVDM Week 2022

This is a fanweek dedicated to the Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle)/Draco Malfoy pairing.

There's an LVDM Pillowfort community now! (If you want a free registration key to PF, send an ask or DM to LVDM on tumblr.)


  1. The endgame must be Voldemort (Tom Riddle)/Draco Malfoy

  2. Their relationship does not have to be romantic or sexual in nature, but it must be the focus of the story

  3. NSFW is okay, as long as everything is properly tagged

  4. You don't need to make fanwords for every prompt/day, one can pick and choose

  5. It must be a new work you're posting (new work in a series is allowed)

  6. Any kind of fanwork is allowed; fanart, fanfic, fanvid etc.

  7. All languages are welcome!

  8. If posting on AO3, add your work to the collection (to be made)

  9. If posting on Twitter, use the tag #LVDMWeek22

  10. If on Tumblr, use #LVDM Week 2022 (in the first 5 tags)


December 5-12, 2022

Day 1: Cursed · Mutual Pining
Day 2: Fairy Tale · Time Loop/Travel
Day 3: Steampunk · Soulbond
Day 4: Zombies · Domesticity
Day 5: Gothic · Arranged Marriage
Day 6: Regency · Accidental Relationship
Day 7: Amnesia · Space Opera
Day 8: Free Day